Purported Alpha Footage Shows Battle for Azeroth Locations of Undercity & Zuldazar

Purported alpha footage has leaked on-line that shows off warmane lordaeron gold a combine of locations coming back to World of Warcraft's next enlargement, Battle for Azeroth. The videos were place up late on Gregorian calendar month twenty eighth by YouTube user "LeystTV" with none info regarding however he obtained the footage. Regardless, each look wonderful. One shows the destruction in and round the Undercity, the opposite the island location of Zuldazar, a part of Zandalar.

Undercity was the setting of the medium that Blizzard showed off at Blizzcon 2017. The capital town of the desolate are going to be destroyed within the fight between Horde & Alliance, tho' not while not price, consistent with datamined info.

Zandalar is that the island home of the Zandalari Trolls, one amongst the Allied Races coming back to the Horde.

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