Phase 4

Illidan kneels down and casts The Demon inside, turning him into a Demon. A witch with maxed shadow resistance got to tank him. presently once sixty seconds (3 Flame Bursts), he kneels down once more warmane gold and turns into an evening Elf, starting a special section three. Illidan shouldn't go beneath half-hour through the demon section, else section 5 begins right now, that's dangerous for the explanation that positioning is wrong. thus slow DPS once he gets near half-hour in section four


From the purpose wherever Illidan kneels down, the witch tank extremely ought to setup quite an distance away during a single direction, whereas the disturbance cluster should move distant within the opposite direction (melee cannot DPS Illidan within the course of this section, as Shadow Blast and Aura of Dread build it inconceivable to maneuver into variety). Shamans and Hunters got to retain Frost Traps and Earthbind Totems up involving Illidan and conjointly the cheap warmane gold raid. All raid members ought to extremely setup nicely distributed, a minimum of half dozen yards faraway from one another, to avoid other hurt from Flame Burst.BY here thanks, well done, more warmane gold cheap by playerhot!