Fortnite Items For Sale The reason these three massive companies put hundreds of millions of dollars into these IPs is to incentivise people to buy their boxes. I know they don't care they have all the new switch people that are buying the game right now and RR will be a huge money maker for them so why would they care ?It strange because the player base went from 45M to 125M between January to June so you think with that many more players joining the average skill level would go way down and games would get easier. In these cases it is better to continue moving searching for the high ground and not drawing unnecessary attention with a base.. But that just means he cant play with half his friends cause they are 3 5 ranks below him. I just amazed that people are whining about not having all mythic heroes after 2 weeks on an early access looting game. From my games played roughly half of them were played in Squads and Duo mode.

It starts at 100 XP to get to level 2 and I think it took 500 XP to get to level 6. Moved onto PUBG and when I saw Fortnite was making their own battle royale I was like might as well try it. If they were to include weapons/equipment that could affect the game that when the real issue appears since the majority of the casual players don mind lootboxes unless it affects gameplay. Look at games like PUBG and you will quickly see it frankly amazing that Fortnite is capable of getting 60 FPS. Build for highground and only shoot when it a good spot. I did this for a solid year with a day of 8 hours of sleep about once a month. Classic.Ive noticed you commenting in other threads and yea you do seem to heavily push your own opinions which are totally based on speculation and assumptions but somehow you seem oblivious to this.Nothing wrong with having your own opinions as thats all i expressed its your inability to notice that your are doing the exact same thing that is astounding.

Of course people started figuring this out and now every thumbnail regardless of the game looks the same.. Atleast now I can land shots and get a few kills rather than go down like a sack of potatoes.Buy Fortnite Items Almost immediately I'm dodging bullets and suddenly I'm dead shot by one of the other 99 players on the island.. Then that would be good obviously.. Epic Games has been improving Fortnite with each patch These include frame rate and netcode optimisations Its netcode surpasses other battle royale gamesFortnite may be a massive revenue generator but developer Epic Games isn't one to rest on its laurels.