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If 2k can add a weight feeling and have players not be on skates plus revamp the game so it isn animation based it would be perfect. The "clunkyness" is live feels like you are moving a human body. When you go up for a layup the animations aren going to just be forced out all the time. Their databases is quite responsible regarding stability and protection. For a kid it would be tough to something in the game until eventually and except he has awareness about hacking the game. For resources like NBA hard cash there is a limitation that is just included in the recreation.

Hopefully future updates make it better still even whether it just revisiting the particular one move that hard to fathom. You can even opt to toss the ball by having the Throw button at any right time automatically aiming at the container. If you do opt to throw the ball you will see just a little indicator on the screen then of course if you release the button when the indicator is in the green color that adds extra opportunity for the ball to land in the basket.

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